Chapter-1 Letting Go

It was hard watching her go but I had to. In the quest of love I damaged myself completely and now I could see the damage. She just continued walking and didn’t stop and I too didn’t call her back because I knew I couldn’t solve anything. It was her decision. And now I had to let go. Let go of everything associated with the girl. And for that very moment I felt like love, fate, destiny, universe are all just words. Hollow words, which are only good to consolidate someone in pain. But I wasn’t in pain. It was an entirely different state. It was much more extreme but it didn’t matter to her. She was still walking. I didn’t know if she was crying or not but I think she was. She continued walking faster and faster, leaving me behind, towards her dreams and I was thinking what she would do when she will achieve all that she wanted. And why was it so difficult to accomplish those dreams with me. I had told her I was ready to sacrifice everything for her but still she chose to go and I couldn’t fathom why. I hoped that she would turn around and come back to the person who loved her the most but she didn’t. Maybe because my part in her life was over and this hurt me more than anything. Just when I was starting to live a life, it turned around completely and became so much messy. I tried to stop thinking everything but I couldn’t. And then all the images of that girl with me started to flash inside my head and I didn’t want to stop them. I closed my eyes and started to remember all the things I could. And bit by bit I started to form my own story. I remembered everything but for the last time because now I had to let it go…

To be Continued


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